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10 facts you may not know about paper

  • 1.Paper and pulp making process was said to be developed in China around 105 AD

  • 2.Printer and copier only perform consistently and productively with suitable paper
  • 3.Reading text printed on bluish white paper makes eyes strain. Ideal is natural white.
  • 4.Hard thin paper easily causes users get cut when handling it.
  • 5.Glossiness causes paper jam when printing devices operate at high speed and high volume
  • 6. Storage in hot and warm room causes wavy edges
  • 7.One ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees
  • 8.One tree can be made 7 reams of A4
  • 9.It takes 100 liters of water to make 1kg paper (over 90% of water is recycled)
  • 10.Paper money is made from recycled cotton fibers

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