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Fuji Xerox Launches World's Fastest Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer DocuWide C842

DocuWide C842 Contributes to Enhancing Productivity in Printing Large-Size Drawings Ho Chi Minh City, August 10, 2015 — Targeting the large-size drawings printing market such as construction/civil engineering industries, Fuji Xerox Vietnam Company Limited today launches exceptional fast wide-format color inkjet printer DocuWide C842, which realizes printing of A0 size sheets at seven pages per minute to contribute to enhanced productivity.


Unlike the moving-head method often employed in inkjet printers, Fuji Xerox has aligned high-definition, four-color (CMYK Note1) print heads that spray the inks to print on a single paper delivery, which has realized high-speed printing. In addition, the DocuWide C842 uses technology that sprays ink miniaturized to 1.4 picoliter to reproduce high gradation of color and half-tone outputs as well as realize high-resolution printing of fine lines in drawings.
The DocuWide C842 is capable of printing on various sizes and types of paper including a maximum of 42-inch wide-format sheets. As the printer can hold two or four rolls of sheet, it allows users to set both two-inch and three-inch core size roll paper, which differ depending on the type of paper, or set both regular and coated paper, thereby improving the efficiency and convenience of users' operating environment where they don't have to change the paper depending on what to print. Further, various security functions have been incorporated, such as encryption and overwriting of data accumulated in hard disk, to prevent unauthorized retrieval or copying of data recorded in hard disk Note2.
While calls for speed are increasing regardless of the type of work or industry, construction/civil engineering industries and construction sites are facing greater needs to raise speed and efficiency in printing complex engineering drawings and electrical drawings that are often revised, along with increased size of data caused by colorization. Facility operations at public offices that utilize geographic information system (GIS) are also challenged to boost efficiency in sharing and using maps and drawings. When using GIS to manage urban design maps and facility layout drawings, high productivity and quality printing environment is especially in need to output line drawings in higher resolution and accuracy.
To further enhance the operational efficiency in copying, scanning and printing, DocuWide C842 can be upgraded by linking with Fuji Xerox's wide-format color scanners including DocuScan C1500 and DocuWide 6055 series Note3.

About Fuji Xerox Vietnam

Fuji Xerox Vietnam Company Limited is a subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. – a joint venture between FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation and Xerox Corporation. Founded in 1962, Fuji Xerox is a leading company in the Document Services & Communications field. In 1994, Fuji Xerox was first present in Vietnam market. In 2010, Fuji Xerox Vietnam Company Limited was established with the first direct sales business in the industry and a nation-wide distribution network, contributing more value to the printing market with a wide range of multifunction devices, wide format system, production system, desktop printers, software soltuions and services support office operations. Untill now, Fuji Xerox is proud of leading the A3 color multifunction devices market in 5 consecutive years (2010 – 2014) and leading the A3 multifunction devices market in 2 consecutive years (2013 – 2014)*.

*Source: IDC World Wide HCP Tracker (CY2014 Q1-Q4) A3 laser MFP/SF-DC

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Tel: (84-8) 38 290 038
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